The Hair Growth Cycle and Caffeine

How Caffeine Can Help With the 4 Stages of Hair Growth

Hair loss is a common part of life for all people, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. There are many different strategies you can use to address your hair loss. The first step to finding the right products and creating the perfect routine to help grow your hair is to understand your hair growth cycle and how natural ingredients can help support the natural hair growth process. Here’s everything you need to know about the hair growth cycle and how fast hair growth products made with stimulating natural ingredients like caffeine can help you grow the hair you deserve.


The first stage of hair growth is the anagen phase. During this stage, your hair follicles are growing the actual strands of hair. This phase lasts from the beginning of growth cycle all the way until the hair is cut or its natural lifespan ends. It is also the most prolonged phase in the hair growth cycle and can last up to 7 years from start to finish. However, that number can be vary for everyone. Using caffeine infused hair products can help extend your anagen phase and help you grow stronger hair for a longer period of time.


The catagen phase can be referred to as the in-between phase. It occurs just after the anagen phase and marks the period where hair growth slows. This stage of the growth cycle sees the hair strand start to separate from the bottom of the follicle, even though the hair will continue to grow for about a week after this. This phase is also the shortest, typically lasting only about ten days.


The telogen phase is the stagnant stage of the hair growth process. Hairs are not actively growing during this phase, and it can last about three months. During this period, your hair strands remain inside your hair follicle, even though they aren’t actively growing anymore. But keeping your scalp moisturized during this phase may increase the duration before the hair naturally falls out in the exogen phase. Try adding a hair moisturizer made with natural ingredients to your hair care routine to help slow this process down.


The exogen phase is the final stage of the hair growth cycle, where the hair follicle falls out. This can sound concerning, but it’s entirely normal because, for a healthy scalp and healthy hair, the entire cycle can start again. If you’re looking for ways to strengthen your hair during the initial phases of the growth cycle, using caffeine infused products is a great idea. The best products can even help reinvigorate dormant follicles in some cases. The key is to search for caffeine infused products made with natural ingredients to keep your scalp nourished and moisturized throughout the entire process. Hair growth doesn’t have to be complicated—you just need the right information and the right products to help you reach your goals.


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