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Growing your hair naturally and chemical-free has never been easier. Unlike other hair growth creams and serums, our products were designed to stimulate and protect the scalp - so you get maximum hair growth without the irritation.

  • We use natural ingredients, because they contain antioxidants, which are better for your hair, your health, and the environment.

  • Our products and ingredients are dermatologist-approved! We work with a board certified dermatologist to review our products and ingredients to ensure our formulas work to grow your hair the healthy way!

  • Our products do not contain chemicals, which can have long-lasting, harmful effects that can damage the hair and can lead to potential allergic reactions.

  • There Is No Comparison!

  • "I've been using this for 6 weeks and it's already growing. I took your jars to the dermatologist to show them what I was using and they said this is exactly what you want to use. They said that stuff will work and I've been using it and it's been growing. I'm 61 years old and was bald, but it's finally growing." Shirley R

  • "I'm a licensed Cosmetologist and this has been better for my hair than many other "professional" product. Not even a full year into using her homeade... infused moisturizer I have seen about 4 inches of growth. That large spot is fully filled in (as well as the rest of the spots I had).... definitely worth the buy, you will not regret it." - Q. Smith

  • I've gone through chemo two times and did not lose my hair the 2nd time because of Ms. Emma's products!" -Stephanie B.

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