Our Story

Our mission is to revolutionize lives by providing natural, non-toxic hair growth solutions that empower individuals to regrow their hair, reignite their confidence, and experience an elevated quality of life.


Ms. Emma Patton was from Margaret, AL and she was a force to be reckoned with! She was my grandmother whom I loved very much. When my hair started falling out, and I didn’t know why, all I could do was think about my grandmother’s long, beautiful hair. She used old-fashioned hair grease and never had any dandruff. I knew that if I wanted to stop my hair loss, I had to dig deep and go back to my roots. I worked in the Quality industry, so I knew what was involved with mixing products to get a desired outcome. I then created my own product, which was inspired by my grandmother. I began sharing my hair growth moisturizer after meeting a woman who was upset about losing her hair while going through cancer treatment. After one month of using Emmas, her hair was growing back and three years later, and after a second round of treatment, her hair is still healthy and growing.

Bonita Patton, Founder