Three Generations of Ms. Emma's Hair Care Love

Bonita (age - while she doesn't reveal her age, she will say, "I would have went to school with Michelle Obama!) - Bonita started losing her hair after taking blood pressure medication. After struggling to figure out why her hair was falling out, she decided to get serious about growing it back, so she made Ms. Emma's Hair Care a part of her daily routine. She used the products diligently, every single day, underneath her wig and now her hair is thicker than it's ever been! Thanks to Ms. Emma's Hair Care, Bonita is back to wearing her go to hairstyle... her famous afro!

Ashley (age 37) - Ashley experienced post-partum hair loss after the birth of her son, Max. One day Ashley sent her mother, Bonita, a picture and Bonita immediately told Ashley that she needed to start using some Ms. Emma's products, because her hair was so thin that you could see straight down to her scalp. It was so thin that she couldn't even put it in a ponytail, because the ponytail holder would slide right off. Ashley took her mother's advice and started using Ms. Emma's Hair Care every single day. With patience and consistency, Ashley's hair grew back to it's pre-baby thickness and it's longer than it's ever been!

Max (age 4)  - Max was born with a head full of hair, but it was always so dry so his grandmother Bonita, sent his mom some Ms. Emma's products to start using on his hair. Ashley would use Ms. Emma's on his hair several times per week to help retain the moisture. What started as a way to keep his hair hydrated turned into long, thick hair that is down the middle of his back. While Max is very tender-headed and does not like getting his hair done, his mom and dad don't have plans on cutting it anytime soon!